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Thursday / 19 May 2022
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What you need to know about the Bajaj Qute – South Africa’s cheapest car

The Bajaj Qute is the quirkiest vehicle to make the news of late, due in part to arguments about whether it’s a car or a quadricycle.

The Qute’s product page states that it is a quadricycle, while a salesman at a local dealership confidently informed us it is a car.

Besides this, many local motorists had questions about the budget vehicle, such as: “Where am I allowed to drive it?” and “How fast does it go?”

TopAuto reached out to Bajaj South Africa to answer these questions.

Is it a car?

Bajaj has confirmed that the Qute is classified as a fully-fledged car in South Africa, and not a quadricycle.

“The Bajaj Qute is homologated in South Africa by the NRCS,” explained the company.

“That means that it has been approved to be registered in South Africa, and is classified under the category car (in South Africa) and is fully roadworthy.”

As a result, any driver will need a Code 8 licence or above to drive the Qute on local roads.

Due to the fact that it is a car, it can also legally carry up to four occupants  – driver included – and is allowed to drive on any road in South Africa.

“The vehicle is designed to have a top speed of 70km/h, hence first-mile and last-mile usage is recommended, although the Qute can be legally driven on any South African road, including freeways,” said the company.

Making the Qute

According to Bajaj, the concept behind the Qute was to create a lightweight, fuel-efficient vehicle that offers more protection and stability than a three-wheeler.

It therefore offers four wheels, five doors, mechanical power steering, sliding windows, a radio system, and protected engine.

The company added that the Qute is also extremely eco-friendly – with only 66g/km of CO2 emissions produced.

Moreover, it only weighs 400kg and carries an 8-litre fuel tank which offers a range of around 250km.

The rear bench can also be folded down, taking total storage capacity of the vehicle to 850 litres.

Buying a Qute

The Bajaj Qute has a South African price tag of R75,000.

However, dealerships are currently running a special where you can buy the car at a R10,000 discount.

Bajaj also touched on the comparison between the Qute and a second-hand vehicle for a similar price in South Africa.

“The comparison of the Qute with used or pre-owned vehicles is invalid, as the Qute as a vehicle has its own uses, pros, qualities, position, and advantages,” stated Bajaj.

“65 mechanics at renowned garages have been trained to service the Qute across South Africa,” it added.

“The Qute has been in South Africa for nearly five years and our customers are evidence of the advantages and utility of the vehicle.”

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