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Tuesday / 28 June 2022
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Affordable and reliable, except when a rat got in – 2008 Hyundai Getz review

TopAuto reader Jamie would definitely recommend a Hyundai Getz to anyone looking to buy a small, affordable car.

After buying a second-hand Getz in 2017, he has not had any issues with the car – except on one occasion when a rat took occupancy in the engine.

Jamie’s ownership experience is shared below.

Which model do you own?

I own a 2008 Hyundai Getz, with around 180,000km on the odometer.

When did you get the car, and was it new or second-hand when you bought it?

I bought the car second-hand in 2017.

What are your three favourite things about the car?

My Getz is reliable – it has never broken down despite its high mileage.

It’s also very light on fuel and it has a surprising amount of boot space.

Which three things do you like least about the car?

It is a light turquoise colour, which is not exactly my style.

The car also seems to burn through headlights quickly and I need to replace them annually.

It does not have much power, either, making overtaking trucks on freeways an exercise in frustration.

What is it like to drive your car every day?

It is a pleasure to drive on my daily commute.

The car is reliable and the ride is relatively smooth. I have no complaints.

What is the hardest journey you have done with your car?

I chose to travel to a bed and breakfast, that was only accessible via a rough dirt road, for a weekend getaway.

It had poured with rain the entire day and the surface had turned into a treacherous mud trail.

Me and my Getz soldiered on, though, and managed to make it through without getting stuck – a feat that other cars with four-wheel-drive failed to accomplish that day.

Would you recommend your car to friends and family?

Definitely. It is an affordable vehicle that has proven to be reliable even when commuting over long distances.

The only problem my car ever had beyond the occasional flat tire was a small electrical issue that was caused not by a mechanical failure, but by a hungry rat that decided to overnight in the engine compartment and eat its fill.

The chewed wires were replaced and the Getz was good to go again.


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