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Wednesday / 29 June 2022
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2015 VW Polo TSI – This owner likes turning his Polo into a minivan

This week we spoke to TopAuto reader John, who owns a 2015 Polo TSI, about his ownership experience.

He has owned his Polo from new and is not planning on trading it in any time soon.

John was delighted to share his ownership experience with us after nearly six years with the car, and you can read his story below.

Which model do you own?

I own a 2015 Volkswagen Polo TSI Highline.

When did you get the car?

I bought the car new in early 2015, and have since put about 90,000km on the clock.

What are your three favourite things about the car?

The versatility of the car.

I have used it on many trips to the bush and in severe dirt road conditions, and there is so much feedback to you as the driver.

It gives you a lot of confidence to drive more spirited than what you would expect a Polo to do.

The cockpit is very engaging and there is a large variety of vehicle data available. At the time of its release, it was miles ahead of the competitors in terms of build quality and features.

It is also nice to look at. I have always loved the steering wheel design which is sometimes still used till today, and I often have a long look at it before I get into the seat to go somewhere.

Which three things do you like least about the car?

The position and design of the interior motion sensors. The housing came loose exactly one time and ever since it could never quite get back into its original position, and I have to “fix” it at least two times a week.

Whenever you unlock the car using the key, the alarm goes off, which I think is highly unnecessary. The day your remote battery dies you will experience this joy.

I am one of the taller people out there, making backseat space in my Polo somewhat cramped.

This is not to blame VW, though, as I experience this in most cars I get into.

What is it like to drive your car every day?

It is extremely comfortable and easy to drive. I never get tired of driving, I love it.

This would not be the case if I was in any other hatchback, I think.

What is the hardest journey you have done with your car?

We went camping one weekend and over the course of the weekend there was an extreme amount of rain.

We were faced with 2km of extreme mud before reaching the tar road home.

There was a variety of vehicles around and the Polo – to me – handled the situation better than most, and 20 hours later we all got out.

The car was definitely put through its paces, which was fun, and after a proper wash it was as good as new.

Would you recommend your car to friends and family?

I definitely would.

The 1.2-litre turbo engine is a little small for my liking, but in terms of brand and series I think the Volkswagen Polo range is the best value for money.

My TSI handles everything I throw at it and the maintenance is inexpensive.

I often take the back seats out, too.

This turns my Polo into a minivan where I have ample space, and the weight loss is definitely noticeable when it comes to accelerating.

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