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Thursday / 20 June 2024
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6 essentials every bakkie owner must have

It comes as no surprise to say that South Africa loves its bakkies – a statement backed up by the thousands of models that are sold in this country every month.

Given how popular these big 4x4s are, it’s only natural that many owners also like to splash out on all manner of accessories and after-market toys that will make their next trip out into the bush that much more enjoyable.

It’s for this reason that third-party warranty provider MotorHappy has conjured up a list of six different bakkie add-ons that are sure to bring a new layer of versatility to your already-capable machines.

All the essentials

If you are thinking of investing in your bakkie of choice, the first and arguably most important extra worth considering is a set of all-terrain tyres, which should provide more grip, better ride comfort off-road, and much longer durability.

A handful of higher-end 4x4s already offer these, but for the majority of models on the market, you will need to visit a tyre store to add them after the fact.

Just make sure that the tyres you choose are compatible with your vehicle by checking their speed and ply rating.

The next item to consider is a tonneau cover over the load box, which can add a bit of upmarket styling but, more importantly, ensure your belongings are protected from thieves and the elements.

The type of cover you choose will come down to budget and personal preference, but it’s worth knowing that a cover can also help with fuel efficiency as it improves the vehicle’s aerodynamics.

Another helpful addition is a bed liner – either a spray-in or a drop-in option – as this helps to protect the storage bin from scratches, dents, and corrosion.

They also have the side benefit of providing extra grip to the surface which can prevent items from sliding around.

In a similar vein, you can add magnetic sheeting to the side of your vehicle, which can easily be taken off when not needed, and can help to protect the paint against scratches.

For off-road excursions, it’s also recommended to installed a rated recovery point, which in the event you get stuck, can help the vehicle manage the stresses placed on it while it is being pulled out.

Lastly, with modern high-riders really living up to their name with frames that are almost two metres tall, it’s probably a good idea to get a set of side steps added if they weren’t fitted as standard, since this will make it that much easier for you and other passengers to get in and out.



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