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Saturday / 2 July 2022
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WeBuyCars’ plans for the Dome

WeBuyCars has confirmed to TopAuto that it has bought the Ticketpro Dome in Northgate, Johannesburg to increase the company’s national footprint.

This follows a report by MyBroadband that the company was the new owner of the events venue.

RX Venue Management, who previously managed the Ticketpro Dome, announced yesterday that the Dome had been sold to new owners who did not operate in the event space.

The Dome was previously owned by the Sasol Pension Fund.

“Apart from cementing our presence in northern Johannesburg, we are confident this growth path will have a positive impact on the economy,” said Faan van der Walt, WeBuyCars CEO.

The plan

The Dome was originally intended to be a permanent motor showroom for consumers to view and test drive a variety of vehicle brands under one roof, said WeBuyCars.

According to van der Walt, WeBuyCars will now realise the original vision for the Dome and develop it into a large pre-owned car dealership.

“The Dome will be able to store approximately 1,500 vehicles, providing customers with an enticing experience of vehicle choices along with the fascinating design and layout of the Dome,” said van der Walt.

The company is relying on the location and size of the new dealership to deliver exceptional convenience, value, and choice to the consumer, it said.

“WeBuyCars will be taking on the project of developing the Dome into one of the world’s biggest, and possibly most impressive, second-hand car dealerships.”

The official opening date of the new WeBuyCars branch at the Dome is still to be announced.

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