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Friday / 14 June 2024
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New traffic lights for Cape Town

The City of Cape Town has introduced a new traffic signal system that will be trialed at important intersections over the next six months.

These new traffic lights were designed to reduce confusion among motorists and public transport operators in the city, according to a report by BusinessTech.

The previous system served both private vehicles and MyCiTi buses, which often led to normal cars mistakenly following signals meant for buses and causing easily-avoidable accidents.

However, according to the city, the new lights do not display red, amber, or green, and are therefore less likely to be confused with normal traffic systems.

The city said existing bus and rail-system lights were considered during the design procedure, with the end product being “new directional information signs” combined with the “white single aspect light system” primarily used in the United Kingdom.

As a result, the new signals are aligned with international best practices and are being tested in partnership with the National Department of Transport, said the city.

If the pilot project meets its goals, these signals will be implemented across the MyCiTi grid and be included in the South African Road Traffic Signs Manual for use by other cities and transport systems in South Africa.

Traffic light locations

The new traffic lights have been installed at the following intersections in Table View, Cape Town:

  • Blaauwberg Road and Raatz Drive
  • Blaauwberg Road and Grey Avenue
  • Blaauwberg Road and Janssens Avenue
  • Blaauwberg Road and Table View MyCiTi Station (R27)

“The City asks that road users, motorists, and pedestrians please pay attention and adhere to the normal traffic signals. The new bus signals only apply to the MyCiTi bus service,” it said.

“The bus drivers on the relevant MyCiTi bus routes have received training on the meaning of the respective bus signal displays prior to implementation.”

New Cape Town traffic lights

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