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Friday / 12 August 2022
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High-performance Continental SportContact 7 tyres now available – Made for these cars

Continental has launched the SportContact 7 performance tyre in South Africa which was designed for safe handling on wet and dry roads for particularly sporty autos.

The tyre is available in 47 sizes ranging from 18 to 23 inches in diameter and has been selected by Maserati as the factory-fitted tyres for its Levante and Quattroporte models.

Moreover, the SportContact 7 was built to suit a variety of performance-focused vehicles, said Continental, including the following:

They are also the leading products used by acclaimed international tuners such as AC Schnitzer, Abt, Brabus, Klasen, Lorinser, Techart, and 9ff.

“The focus of our development for the SportContact 7 was on having the best sporty tyre on the market for every vehicle class,” said Martin Buday, MD of Continental Tyre South Africa.

“This meant improving all performance criteria to combine maximum driving pleasure with maximum safety, along with sustainability in the field of ultra-high performance tyres.”

SportContact 7 has excelled in all of these areas, said Buday, offering improved handling, extended service life, increased load capacity, and greater fuel efficiency than its predecessor, the SportContact 6.

Recently, these tyres were also equipped to the 865kW Klasen Lamborghini Huracan Performante that achieved a speed record of 384.12km/h during a 3,000-metre sprint at the “Papenburg 3000” event.

Adaptive tread design

The enhanced SportContact 7 tyres from Continental feature an asymmetrical tread design that “adapts” to dry and wet roads, ensuring consistent and high-quality driving characteristics no matter the speed you are going.

While driving on wet roads, the tyre’s footprint ends at the point of the highest water removal in the tread, thereby providing improved grip when braking, accelerating, and cornering, said Continental.

However, when cornering on dry roads the footprint shifts to the outer shoulder, which is designed to transmit the highest forces for stable handling.

“New ‘locking elements’ in the outer shoulder ensure further stability, only enabling limited movement of the tread for high ride stability,” said the tyre manufacturer.


Buday said Continental’s SportContact 7 “is the first product in the high-performance tyre segment that is tailor-made for every type of vehicle, from sporty compact cars and high-performance sedans to sports cars, supercars, and highly tuned cars.”

“Continental developed new technologies, suitable for driving on the road and on the track, that are used depending on the tyre size which ensures that the typical driving feel of the SportContact family is retained, irrespective of vehicle.”

This is achieved through the use of a “BlackChili” rubber compound, which has been adapted specifically for fitting rigid, low-profile rims.

The material extends the new tyre’s service life by 17%, racetrack mileage by 10%, wet braking distance by 8%, and dry braking distance by 6% when compared to the SportContact 6.

Handling and grip in both wet and dry conditions have also benefitted from these advancements.

The new SportContact 7 tyres are now available in South Africa and your closest retailer can be found on the Continental website.

Continental SportContact 7 in action at the Mercedes-AMG Driving Academy

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