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Wednesday / 10 August 2022
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You can now tip car guards with your smartphone

My-iMali, a company which specialises in mobile wallets, has launched a service which allows users to pay tips with their smartphone.

The service is called Tipped, and lets users pay a tip by scanning a QR code, as reported by MyBroadband.

The payment is processed on the user’s side through a supported payment app. This includes Zapper, RMB Pay, Nedbank Scan to Pay, FNB Pay, and more.

On the recipient’s end, the tip is transferred to their My-iMali wallet.

Using the example of a car guard, the company said the process works as follows:

  1. A car guard signs up for the Tipped service and receives a My-iMali wallet and unique QR code.
  2. If you would like to tip the car guard, you open a supported payment app and scan their QR code.
  3. You then enter the amount you would like to tip, and pay it over.

The transfer is instant and will be accessible immediately by the recipient.

No transaction fee is charged to the tipper, but a 3% fee does apply to the transaction itself – which is taken off the tip total.

For example: if you tipped the car guard R10, they will receive R9.70 in their wallet.

The image below from the Tipped website provide an overview of this process.

What you can buy using the wallet

Car guards and other users who sign up for a Tipped wallet can transfer the money they make to a South African bank account.

Alternatively, they can use their My-iMali digital wallet to make transactions directly.

Supported transaction types include buying airtime or data from a mobile network, playing the Lotto, buying electricity, and spending money at any Wi-Group Merchant.

These include outlets such as Pick n Pay, Dischem, and KFC.


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