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Saturday / 21 May 2022
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How much it costs to kit out the new BMW M3 Competition

The new BMW M3 Competition has been available in South Africa for nearly three weeks, and multiple customers have taken delivery.

These lucky individuals had to part with at least R1,860,000 to get their hands on one, as that is the going rate for this coveted M car.

If you’re looking at getting one, but don’t want just another “stock” M3 Competition, there is a large assortment of BMW goodies that can make the car stand out even more.

These come at an additional fee, however, and can push up the price of your new M3 quite quickly.

The extras

Starting with the outside, you can have the gloss-black exterior bits swapped for carbon fibre replacements as part of the Carbon Exterior package -at a price of R91,600.

The M3 Competition now looks track-ready, but would still need proper stopping power if it were to stand a chance in any race.

To achieve this, we look towards the carbon ceramic brakes option, which will significantly improve stopping capabilities for R128,200.

If track performance is not what you’re after, you can change the colour of the original M compound brakes to high gloss red or black, and this will cost R8,500.

For an even sportier look, you can select the Individual Lights Shadowline package that adds gloss-black inlays at the top edges of the headlights, for R5,600.

As a final exterior option, the automatic tailgate operation package will make your daily life easier at a price of R7,350.

Once you have sufficiently tuned the exterior, the next step is the interior.

Options are somewhat limited here, but you will be glad to know that R75,000 can get you M Carbon bucket seats that match the exterior carbon package and saves you 9.6kg in total weight.

If you prefer the standard seats, which offer seat heating, you can add active seat ventilation for R5,500 to achieve ultimate comfortability.

Right before you hit the road you also need to install the BMW drive recorder to monitor your performance.

This is the last interior option that can be selected – and can be done for R3,000.

The exterior can be further tweaked with 16 colour options, the interior with nine upholstery finishes, the wheels with seven M-exclusive options, and the trim with six looks.

Pricing for these additions have only been given to actual M customers, however, and the general public will have to wait a while longer before they get to play around on the configurator.

Keeping in mind that not all of these options can be fitted at the same time, we will build our M3 Competition with only the most extreme features.

To achieve this, we will fit the carbon exterior package, carbon ceramic brakes, shadowline lights, automatic tailgate, M carbon bucket seats, and the drive recorder.

All of these options will run a bill of R310,750.

If we add this to the base price of the M3 Competition, we will get a final figure of R2,170,750.

It is worth mentioning that this can still go up if the more expensive paint, trim, upholstery, and wheel finishes are selected.

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