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Friday / 24 May 2024
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5 important things that happened in South Africa’s car industry this week

These were the five biggest stories in South Africa’s transport industry this week.

New entry-level Toyota crossover confirmed for South Africa – Details

Toyota has finally unveiled its new entry-level crossover in India in the form of the Urban Cruiser Taisor.

The company confirmed that the Taisor will come to South Africa, but that it will be sold under a different name.

The Taisor is based on the Suzuki Fronx and will slot below the regular Urban Cruiser in terms of price once it reaches our shores.

Car-emission tax hiked in South Africa – Here’s how much more you’ll have to pay

The emissions tax for vehicles in South Africa has been increased by just over 10% as of 1 April, 2024.

The tax is an estimate of how much CO2 a car will emit over its lifespan and is added to the purchase price paid by the consumer.

As a result, the rate for passenger cars has changed from R132 per gram of CO2 to R146, while bakkie owners are paying R195 per gram instead of R176.

Updated Mercedes-Benz GLS for South Africa – Pricing and features

Mercedes-Benz and Mercedes-Maybach have added the updated GLS to their line-up in South Africa.

Mercedes-Benz has two units, the 450d and 580, which start at R2,304,700 and R2,840,600, respectively.

Maychbach, on the other hand, has a single model starting at R4,500,000.

Easter weekend road stats are in – Almost 1 million fines issued

The Road Traffic Management Corporation (RTMC) has published its statistics for the Easter weekend, revealing that it issued nearly 1 million fines.

The organization performed more than 75,000 traffic stops along major routes like the N1, and N3, resulting in hundreds of arrests and vehicle impoundments.

Various traffic infringements included unroadworthy vehicles, driving without a licence, and drunk driving.

When the facelifted Renault Captur is going on sale in South Africa

Renault has confirmed that the facelifted Captur will arrive in South Africa in 2025.

The current iteration of the crossover only made its local debut in 2023, but has been on sale overseas for several years already.

The incoming version may include a new E-Tech hybrid version, but this will only be confirmed at a later date.

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