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Tuesday / 28 June 2022
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3 videos which really make me want to buy a Toyota GR Yaris

A rally car for the road. A proper hot hatch. A robot racer which strikes fear into the heart of supercars.

The new GR Yaris – which is a Yaris by name only – is set to arrive in South Africa this year and has petrolheads all excited thanks to its above-mentioned attributes.

It packs a 1.6-litre turbocharged three-cylinder petrol engine which puts out 200kW and 370Nm of torque, has an advanced four-wheel drive system, and can smash the 0-100km/h play in 5 seconds.

If the roads are wet or the surface is loose, its straight-line performance is even more impressive relative to more expensive rear-wheel-drive competitors.

Put it on a tight and windy road, and it takes things up another notch thanks to what car reviewers have described as truly exceptional handling.

If words alone are not enough to convince you, however, then watch the three videos below.

These really make me want to buy a GR Yaris, and they will definitely inspire a smile out of any car fan.

Top Gear – Chris Harris drifts the Toyota GR Yaris

If seeing the GR Yaris ripping up grass and mud as it slides its rear wheels ever so slightly off the track does not get you excited, this video is not for you.

Chris Harris takes the GR Yaris around a track in one of the most sideways-first laps you will see this year.

Carwow – 300hp GR Yaris v Supra 3.0-litre Drag Race

The GR Yaris is an absolute rocket off the line – and will win many robot-to-robot races based on its performance against the GR Supra.

Carwow’s video on what it’s like to “drive the GR Yaris every day” is also worth a watch.

Autocar – New Toyota GR Yaris v Nissan GT-R Nismo

The GR Yaris takes on a Nissan GT-R on a short and bumpy track, in the wet, and wins.

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