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Thursday / 20 June 2024
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Best-selling car brands in South Africa

The South African automotive industry’s eight-month streak of reduced sales has finally come to an end as the sector recorded a marginal improvement of 2.2% to reach 38,172 units in April 2024.

Toyota is still atop the ranking with 8,541 purchases over the last month, though this is substantially less than the 11,109 units moved in March.

The real star of the show, however, is Suzuki which has definitively taken over as South Africa’s second-best-selling automaker with 4,891 units, beating out long-term placeholder VW with its 4,758 units.

Suzuki has technically been the nation’s second biggest volume seller since February, as Volkswagen’s sales includes Audi’s while Suzuki’s sales are entirely their own, but April marks the point where the Japanese company has unambiguously knocked the German from its top spot.

Also in the top five are Ford and Hyundai with 2,614 units and 2,134 units, respectively, while last month’s title holders, Nissan and Isuzu, have fallen down the ladder to ninth and seventh place.

The remainder of the top 10 include Chery, Renault, and GWM, which all achieved more than 1,300 sales in April.

Of the 38,172 cars sold last month, 89.9% came from dealership sales, while 5.0% went to the rental industry, 2.7% to the government, and 2.4% to corporate fleets.

Passenger cars accounted for 25,972 units and saw a year-on-year improvement of 6.1%, while light commercial vehicles like bakkies, minibuses and panel vans dropped 9.0% to reach 9,646 units.

Unfortunately, while the local industry saw a small recovery in sales, exports are down by a substantial 23.9% from the same month last year, with only 23,394 units making their way overseas.

Naamsa attributes the improvement in local sales to a month with no load-shedding, helping to improve operating conditions and consumer outlook.

Best-selling car brands in South Africa

Detailed below are the best-selling car brands in South Africa for the month of April 2024.

Click on the underlined names for more information on a particular manufacturer’s vehicle line-up, pricing, and specifications.

1. Toyota – 8,541 units

2. Suzuki – 4,891 units

3. VW – 4,758 units

4. Ford – 2,614 units

5. Hyundai – 2,134 units

6. Chery – 2,009 units

7. Isuzu – 1,540 units

8. GWM – 1,493 units

9. Nissan – 1,443 units

10. Renault – 1,307 units

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