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South African F1 legend’s championship-winning car smashes auction estimates

The 1979 Ferrari 312 T4 Formula 1 (F1) car owned and raced by Jody Scheckter sold for a staggering R151.4 million at an RM Sotheby’s auction this past weekend, blowing past its pre-sale estimates of R107.4-132.9 million.

The staggering selling price was helped by a number of impressive accolades held by this particular Ferrari.

Not only was it driven by the only South African to ever compete and win in the highest echelons of motor racing, but it was also Enzo Ferrari’s last car to win the F1 driver’s championship before the marque’s founder passed away in 1988, and it is still entirely original as it left the factory all those years ago, including its heavily worn seatbelts and numbered components throughout.

The Ferrari wasn’t the only car from the 12-lot Jody Scheckter Collection that surpassed its predicted hammer prices, however.

A 1974 Trojan T101, the last of six ever produced wrapped in the same livery as the 1973 SCCA L&M Formula 5000 series that Scheckter triumphed in, went for R2.5 million, which is half a million more than what it was expected to bring in.

Similarly, the six-wheel 1977 Tyrrell P34 pulled in R20.6 million which was well above its estimate of R13.3 million.

On the flip side, a few racers also failed to reach their expected prices.

The 1973 McLaren M23 sold for R20.3 million, a far cry from the minimum of R35.8 million it was projected to fetch.

A 1960 Alfa Romeo Giulietta SZ also ended up in the hands of a new owner for R4.4 million, whereas it was predicted to get at least R6.5 million.

The Jody Scheckter Collection

The final selling prices of the Jody Scheckter Collection vehicles that went under the hammer this past 12 May are detailed below.

1960 Alfa Romeo Giulietta SZ – R4.4 million

  • Estimate – R6.5 million to R9.2 million

1969 Merlyn Mk11a – R1 million

  • Estimate – R920,000 to R1.3 million

1971 McLaren M19A – R16.6 million

  • Estimate – R15.3 million to R20.4 million

1971 Merlyn Mk21 – R727,624

  • Estimate – R716,000 to R1.1 million

1972 McLaren M21 – R3.4 million

  • Estimate – R2.7 million to R4.1 million

1973 McLaren M23 – R20.3 million

  • Estimate – R35.8 million to R46 million

1973 Rondel Motul M1 – R1.6 million

  • Estimate – R1.3 million to R2 million

1974 Trojan T101 – R2.5 million

  • Estimate – R1.3 million to R2 million

1975 Tyrrell 007 – R13.9 million

  • Estimate – R13.3 million to R18.4 million

1977 Tyrrell P34 – R20.6 million

  • Estimate – R9.2 million to R13.3 million

1977 Wolf WR1 – R11.2 million

  • Estimate R9.2 million to R13.3 million

1979 Ferrari 312 T4 – R151.4 million

  • Estimate – R107.4 million to R132.9 million

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