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Thursday / 20 June 2024
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5 important things that happened in South Africa’s car industry this week

These were the five biggest stories in South Africa’s transport industry this week.

Big increase in vehicle spiking in Gauteng – With a new tactic to be aware of

The number of vehicle spikings in Gauteng has increased dramatically from a few incidents per year to multiple cases per week.

Criminals lay spikes in the road to damage a car’s tyres in the hopes that the motorist will pull over so they can be hijacked, but drivers are learning not to stop even when their tyres are punctured.

As a result, criminals are now employing other tactics to dupe their victims.

The “tap tap” trap and other tactics used by car thieves in South Africa

Car thieves are starting to use more varied methods of stealing cars in South Africa.

An increasingly popular method is the “tap tap” trap, in which the criminals bump into a motorist on purpose, only to jump on them when they pull over to swap insurance information.

Other tactics involve copying a car’s keyless entry signal to open a target’s vehicle without the owner even knowing.

Red flags for Gauteng’s new number plates

The Organisation Undoing Tax Abuse (Outa) has warned that the price of Gauteng’s new number plates may increase substantially.

The plates are set to be accompanied by a new set of controls that could raise the price of the identifiers, backfiring on the province and creating a revenue loss from fleet operators.

In February 2024, it was announced that once the new plates are introduced, all Gauteng residents who renew their licence discs will also need to apply for new plates.

Chery’s first bakkie – What we know so far

New information has been revealed regarding Chery’s first bakkie.

It will feature a variety of powertrains including petrol, plug-in hybrid, and battery-electric systems.

These drivetrains are likely to be sourced from other models in Chery’s family like the Tiggo Pro SUVs.

This budget-friendly Suzuki camper van concept could become a reality in South Africa

A South African company has produced a one-off camper van concept based on the Suzuki Eeco panel van.

Intended for one to two people, the vehicle has seen a dramatic overhaul to make it suitable for living in for days at a time.

Suzuki has hinted that the vehicle may become an option for local motorists.

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