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Sunday / 22 May 2022
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1998 Toyota Corolla – 200,000km and still going strong

TopAuto reader Dawid owns a 1998 Toyota Corolla, and still uses the 23-year-old-car as his daily driver.

Despite its age, and many kilometres on the clock, he said it never gives him any trouble.

Dawid provided feedback on what it’s like to own and drive the car, below.

Which model do you own?

It is a 1998 Toyota Corolla 1.6 Automatic with 200,000km on the clock

How did you get the car?

I received the car from my mom, who received it from her mom.

I am pretty sure the car was secondhand when my grandmother bought it. She was quite the frugal spender.

What are your three favourite things about the car?

The car has never, in the five years I’ve driven it, had any technical issues.

I must add that the car had a new engine installed in 2010, as my grandparents did not service the car once in the 12 years they owned it.

The car drives incredibly smooth on the road and it’s an automatic, which makes for an even more comfortable drive.

And the services, which I make sure do take place, are really affordable.

Which three things do you like least about the car?

Obviously this isn’t its purpose, but it’s not exactly a sexy car. Though its reliability makes up for what it lacks in aesthetics.

It’s quite heavy on petrol (10l-12l/100km), which is standard for a car over 20 years old. My daily commute definitely leaves its mark on my bank account.

Once again, this isn’t what it’s built for, but it’s not very quick on the road, in terms of acceleration or agility.

What is it like to drive your car every day?

I genuinely enjoy driving the Corolla. It gets me from point A to point B without any hassles, and it certainly gets the attention of a lot of people.

At least once a week I get someone offering to buy it, usually stating: “How much?” My response: “Two million.”

What is the hardest journey you have done with your car?

I’ve been to Bloemfontein and Potchefstroom a couple of times, and driven to Pretoria multiple times. Never had any issues.

Would you recommend your car to friends and family?

Maybe. It depends what their budget is.

If you’re on a tight budget and want a reliable car, then I don’t think there’s anything better.

That is, if you manage to find one in pristine condition with a full service history – which seems to be quite rare.

If possible, though, I’d say go for something newer.

A 23-year-old car isn’t ideal, regardless of how well it runs.

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