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Wednesday / 29 June 2022
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The impressive batteries in VW electric cars – Interesting facts

The all-electric ID. family from VW is growing at a rapid pace, with a VW-sourced high-voltage battery at the heart of this push.

According to the company, this battery is an integral part of making their ACCELERATE brand strategy happen – which is aimed at “complete decarbonisation of the brand in terms of the ecological balance sheet by 2050”.

VW shares interesting facts and photos of their innovative batteries below.


The ID. battery systems are made of aluminium compartments which each hold 24 cells, with a flexible outer shell.

The product is highly scalable, said VW, with batteries housing between seven and 12 compartments for different levels of capabilities.

The largest system measures 182cm long, 145cm wide, and 14cm tall – and weighs approximately 500kg.

Up to three battery controllers are then located longitudinally, which monitor the module voltage and temperatures.

These work in conjunction with the central battery management controller, which compensates for deviations in the capacity of individual cells.

The battery systems are produced at a Braunschweig, Germany plant that has the capacity to build 500,000 units per year, said VW.

There are several more construction plants across the globe, with the European factories using green power only.


The battery systems installed in the new VW ID.3 and ID.4 are mounted between the axles at the lowest point of the car.

This ensures a weight distribution of nearly 50/50 in every model.

The housing is bolted to the body, thereby contributing to rigidity, and closed off by an aluminium cover at the top and bottom.

The strong frame serves as protection to the battery in the event of an accident.

Every model also offers AC and DC charging, with an 11kW home charger juicing up the car overnight.

When using a high-power DC charging station, drivers will then be able to charge the batteries at rates of 50kW, 100kW, or 125kW – depending on the battery size.

This means that you can gain around 320km of range in 30 minutes of charging.

In the ID.3, there is a choice between three battery sizes: 45kWh, 58kWh, and 77kWh.

These provide ranges of up to 352km, 426km, and 549km respectively.

In the ID.4, you’re choosing between a 52kWh and 77kWh system, providing 346km and 522km of range, respectively.

The range-topping ID.4 GTX  brings along dual-motor all-wheel-drive, along with a 77kWh cell and 480km of range.

Power outputs then stand at 107kW, 109kW, 110kW, 125kW, or 150kW – depending on the size of the fitted battery and motor.

VW guarantees a minimum battery capacity of 70% for 8 years or 160,000km, added the company.

At the end of its lifetime, the battery can be reused under second-life schemes such as flexible quick-charging stations, or it will be recycled.




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