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Wednesday / 8 December 2021
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Best-selling car brands in South Africa in June

Naamsa, South Africa’s automotive business council, has released its new vehicle sales statistics for the country for June 2021.

“The recovery in the new vehicle market is gaining momentum and [is] in line with industry expectations,” said the council.

Total new vehicles sales in June 2021, at 38,030 units, reflected an increase of 20.2% when compared to June 2020.

Out of the total reported new vehicles sales in June 2021, an estimated 86.3% represented dealer sales, 7.6% represented the vehicle rental industry, 3.9% went to corporate fleets, and 2.2% to the government.

The total industry sales are divided into the following segments:

  • Passenger cars – 24,482 units
  • Light commercial vehicles, bakkies, and mini-buses – 11,208 units
  • Medium trucks – 687 units
  • Heavy trucks and buses – 1,653 units


Naamsa also looked at vehicle exports from the country.

“The June 2021 exports sales number at 28,384 units reflected an increase of 9,576 vehicles, or 50.9%, compared to the 18,808 vehicles exported in June 2020,” said Naamsa.

“For the first six months of 2021, vehicle exports were now 65.8% above the corresponding period last year.”

Best-selling brands

The Naamsa new vehicle sales report further detailed the best-selling brands in South Africa for June 2021.

Toyota ranked at the top for new vehicle sales, with a total of 17,127 units sold – 9,630 domestically and 7,497 exports.

Its closest rival, VW, had domestic sales of 5,530 units and exports of 7,188 units.

Ford retained a comfortable third place, with a total of 9,066 new vehicles sold – including imports and exports.

Sales figures for selected luxury brands in the country were also provided:

  • Bentley – 5 units
  • Ferrari – 6 units
  • Lamborghini – 5 units
  • Porsche – 95 units

The list below provides an overview of the best-selling car brands in South Africa, based on local new vehicle sales.

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Toyota – 9,630 units

VW – 5,530 units

Ford – 3,273 units

Hyundai – 2,450 units

Nissan – 2,120 units

Suzuki – 1,992 units

Haval – 1,809 units

Isuzu – 1,664 units

Kia – 1,557 units

Renault – 1,456 units

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