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Thursday / 27 January 2022
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Throwback to the twin-engine Audi TT with 597kW

Before efficient turbocharging became the norm, carmakers were a bit bolder when putting engineering teams to work on creative solutions for a simple problem – we need more power.

This was clearly evident when the prototype MK1 Audi TT Bimoto was built by the German car-tuning firm MTM Tuning.

It took an Audi TT of the day and employed two of Audi’s 1.8-litre turbo engines – both of which were heavily modified – to make it one of the wildest Audi cars ever created.

The Audi TT Bimoto featured an engine up front and another in the boot, and ditched the the typical Audi Quattro all-wheel-drive for an engine-per-axle set-up – driven through two six-speed DSG gearboxes.

Thanks to its 597kW powertrain, the Audi TT Bimoto was able to sprint to 100km/h in 3.8 seconds onto a top speed of 374km/h.

It was showcased to loads of fanfare, made an appearance on TopGear, and smashed a number of highly-tuned supercars in quests to reach a 400km/h top speed.


The engineering involved in getting a twin-engine car to run optimally was a feat in itself.

Both engines needed to be identical, gear shifts perfectly synchronised, and throttle openings perfectly timed. It’s no wonder this approach has never been popular.

Based on the prototype which was the subject of all the news and interest, MTM Tuning offered to build 10 more for interested customers at a price of £524,000 (R10,500,000).

The original prototype was eventually sold, and quietly disappeared, with no more models built.

Until the recent Audi R-line cars from Audi – including the R8 – the MTM Bimoto was the fastest-accelerating Audi to 100km/h.

It is still the fastest in terms of top speed.

Audi TT Bimoto


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