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Tuesday / 28 June 2022
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Electric vehicle charging stations in South Africa – The latest update

If you are looking at getting an electric car, you will be glad to hear there are currently over 170 fast-charging stations around South Africa.

This is mainly thanks to Jaguar, BMW, and Nissan – who have built these stations to cater for their range of electric vehicles.

All of these charging stations can be found through GridCars, which provides a live map of all the available charging stations in the country.


Jaguar, along with GridCars, has been creating a “Powerway” since 2018 and has installed 84 charging stations so far.

These charging stations are mostly found in major cities around South Africa – with 22 charging stations placed along the N3 from Durban to Johannesburg, and N1 between Cape Town and Johannesburg.

Cape Town has also been connected to the Garden Route through a series of charging stations.

The majority of Jaguar’s charging stations are 60kW fast-chargers which Jaguar claims will be able to charge the I-PACE with 100km of range in around 20 minutes.

22kW fast-charging is also available from these charging stations to accommodate plug-in-hybrid vehicles.

Jaguar also has its own map to help you keep track of all of its current charging stations.

This map shows when the station was last used, as well as how many times each station has been used.

BMW and Nissan

“There are more around 60 ChargeNow charging stations across South Africa,” said BMW.

This joint effort by BMW and Nissan was started in May 2015, with the first charging stations being available for public use in September of the same year.

Six charging stations in total were built between the two companies before the agreement expired in 2017.

Since then BMW has built around 54 more, with the majority of these charging stations found in major cities in South Africa.

However, BMW has not provided for any charging stations along major highways in the country.

ChargeNow charging stations can provide a maximum of 50kW of power, with 22kW charging also being available is required.

BMW also provides a map to help customers find ChargeNow stations.

BMW has stated that BMW and Mini owners are not restricted to just their charging stations, though, and can access the ones made by GridCars, too.


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