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Wednesday / 29 June 2022
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Polo vs Golf – Which VW cars hold their value the best

Out of the top 10 most-enquired-on VW vehicles on AutoTrader, the VW Citi Chico holds its value the best.

This conclusion was reached by comparing the average pre-owned price in 2021 for the most-enquired-on VWs on AutoTrader with the prices of these vehicles when they were new.

VW is a popular brand in South Africa and its Polo Vivo hatchback has been crowned the best-selling passenger car in the country many times.

High demand for a vehicle or brand generally translates into better value retention on the second-hand market, and we set out to see if this remains true for all VWs in South Africa.

What we found

The list below shows the top 10 most-enquired-on VW vehicles on AutoTrader for the first six months of 2021.

The list features a few modern models, such as the Polo and Polo Vivo, but also shows that South Africans are actively looking at buying a variety of previous-generation VWs.

This includes the VW Citi Chico, which shows the lowest depreciation rate while being the oldest vehicle on the list.

However, a possible explanation for its perceived value retention can be attributed to inflation.

The Chico reached the bottom of its depreciation curve a while ago, meaning its average second-hand price has since risen with inflation.

The second-best value-holding VW is the Polo Vivo, the company’s most popular model and arguably the modern incarnation of the Chico.

Thanks to its popularity, the Polo Vivo retains its second-hand value better than other modern VWs on the market.

Most other models then averaged a depreciation rate of around 4% per year, while purpose-built vehicles like the Golf GTI and Kombi minibus also performed surprisingly well over the years.

2017 VW Polo Hatch 1.2 Highline

  • Price when new – R276,300
  • Average pre-owned price – R232,535
  • Value lost – 16%

2014 VW Golf GTI Auto

  • Price when new – R408,800
  • Average pre-owned price – R305,679
  • Value lost – 25%

2018 VW Polo Vivo Hatch 1.4 Trendline

  • Price when new – R182,200
  • Average pre-owned price – R176,935
  • Value lost – 3%

2017 VW Amarok 2.0BiTDI Highline 4Motion Auto

  • Price when new – R590,600
  • Average pre-owned price – R493,067
  • Value lost – 17%

2016 VW Tiguan 1.4TSIĀ  Comfortline Auto

  • Price when new – R472,400
  • Average pre-owned price – R348,699
  • Value lost – 26%

2013 VW Jetta 1.4TSI Comfortline Auto

  • Price when new – R277,200
  • Average pre-owned price – R170,268
  • Value lost – 39%

2005 VW Citi 1.4i Chico

  • Price when new – +/-R73,000
  • Average pre-owned price – R62,691
  • Value lost – 14%

2018 VW Caddy 2.0TDI Crew Bus

  • Price when new – +/- R330,000
  • Average pre-owned price – R289,803
  • Value lost – 12%

2014 VW Kombi 2.0TDI SWB Trendline

  • Price when new – R415,335
  • Average pre-owned price – R382,244
  • Value lost – 8%

2020 VW T-Cross 1.0TSI Highline

  • Price when new – R420,200
  • Average pre-owned price – R402,573
  • Value lost – 4%

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