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Saturday / 2 July 2022
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The four-seater Chevrolet Corvette that never happened

In 1962, General Motors (GM) attempted a little-known experiment to develop a four-seater Chevrolet Corvette in response to the incredible success of the Ford Thunderbird.

The Corvette that petrolheads know and love has always been a two-seater sports car with a V8 engine, as was fondly known as “America’s sports car”.

However, back then it was challenged from within its own borders that they were facing, and the other American muscle cars with far more practical four-seat configurations gained favour from the public.

With the second-generation C2 Corvette about to be launched the following year, the engineering team explored the concept of the Corvette as a grand tourer rather than a purebred two-seater sports car.

They stretched the concept C2 by six inches to be able to fit in extra seats, but it was a faulty seat design that put the nail in the coffin and confined this unusual Corvette to the history books.

Rumour has it that a GM executive at the time climbed into the back of the four-seater version of the Corvette, only to get trapped inside.

Engineers had to remove the front seats altogether to get him out, and so the concept was axed and the Corvette remained a two-seater sports car indefinitely.

The only clue that this car ever existed is a set of original black and white images, which GM Design coloured and posted online for all to see.

The prototype four-seater was reportedly destroyed a few years after it was built, removing the chance to see it in person.

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