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Wednesday / 10 August 2022
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Most expensive car parts you can buy on Takealot

Takealot is known for having many items on offer that can be ordered and shipped in a day or less – and this includes a range of car parts.

The automotive section of Takealot has grown along with the rest of its categories in recent years, and shoppers can order tyres, wheels, battery chargers, speakers, jacks, and more on the site.

To see just how much the site offers in terms of high-end parts and accessories, we looked at the most expensive items for sale in the Takealot Automotive category.

We covered the main sections of the category, which included:

  • Service/Parts
  • Audio and Electronics
  • Accessories (Interior and Exterior)
  • Cleaning and Care
  • 4×4
  • Wheels and Tyres

Below, we take a look at what is on offer for motoring consumers.

The pricing and items on offer were accurate at the time of writing.

17-inch Polo Wheels – R8,499

Android Double Din for Ford Ranger – R9,500

Besen EV Charging Cable – R6,990

Boot Box for Land Cruiser – R3,999

Camil Suspension for FJ Cruiser – R18,900

Carbon Racing Seats – R7,899

GYS Start Booster – R34,950

Hella LED Spotlights – R6,995

Hikvision Dash Camera – R4,119

Honda GX390 Petrol Engine – R16,700

Kicker Amp – R7,479

Makita Vacuum – R4,395

Michelin Pilot Sport 4S – R8,471

PCL Qube Tyre Inflator – R7,130

Probiotic Car Shampoo – R2,900

Shield Polisher – R6,129

Synthetic Rope – R8,199

Tempur Seat Comforter – R4,319

Tow Ball Bicycle Rack – R8,499

Toyota Hilux Roll Bar – R5,999

Warn XDC Winch – R35,999



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