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Wednesday / 10 August 2022
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Bakkie beasts – Most Nm for your rand

The top-of-the-line GWM P-Series 2.0 TD LT 4×4 gives you more torque for your money than other high-end bakkies on the market, providing 1Nm for every R1,387.25 spent.

This was a finding by TopAuto when calculating which bakkie gives you the cheapest “rand-per-Nm” deal – by dividing the price of the vehicle by the amount of torque it provides.

The bakkies

For this article, we looked at the top-end options for a variety of popular bakkies in South Africa.

We found that most of these bakkies generate upwards of 400Nm, with only two producing fewer than this.

Additionally, the more expensive models tend to offer more torque, but price ended up not having the biggest effect on a bakkie’s spot in the ranks.

This can be seen from the most expensive bakkie in the country, the VW Amarok Extreme, being placed around the middle of this list.

While it does provide the most torque out of the competitors, it beat considerably cheaper bakkies like the Toyota Hilux and Mazda BT-50 in this rand-per-Nm comparison.

Detailed below is a non-exhaustive list of high-end bakkies in South Africa and the torque-to-rand ratios they provide.

Click on the underlined prices to visit TopAuto Car Prices for more information.

GWM P-Series 2.0TD Double Cab LT 4×4

  • PriceR554,900
  • Torque – 400Nm
  • Rand-per-Nm – R1,387.25

Mahindra Pik Up 2.2CRDe Double Cab 4×4 S11 Karoo

  • PriceR451,999
  • Torque – 320Nm
  • Rand-per-Nm – R1,412.50

Mitsubishi Triton 2.4DI-D Double Cab 4×4 Xtreme

  • PriceR714,995
  • Torque – 430Nm
  • Rand-per-Nm – R1,662.78

Nissan Navara 2.5DDTi Double Cab Pro-4X 4×4

  • PriceR749,000
  • Torque – 450Nm
  • Rand-per-Nm – R1,664.44

Ford Ranger 2.0 Bi-Turbo Double Cab 4×4 Stormtrak

  • PriceR846,500
  • Torque – 500Nm
  • Rand-per-Nm – R1,693.00

VW Amarok 3.0 V6 TDI Double Cab Extreme 4Motion

  • PriceR1,011,900
  • Torque – 580Nm
  • Rand-per-Nm – R1,744.66

Toyota Hilux 2.8GD-6 Double Cab 4×4 Legend RS Auto

  • PriceR882,400
  • Torque – 500Nm
  • Rand-per-Nm – R1,764.80

Mazda BT-50 3.0TD Double Cab 4×4 Individual

  • PriceR794,400
  • Torque – 450Nm
  • Rand-per-Nm – R1,765.33

Isuzu D-Max 300 3.0TD Double Cab 4×4 LX Auto

  • PriceR728,200
  • Torque – 380Nm
  • Rand-per-Nm – R1,916.32

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