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Saturday / 21 May 2022
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10 tips to save on petrol

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Following a simple list of checks when driving, and preparing your vehicle to drive, can reduce your fuel usage and save you money.

This is according to MasterDrive, which provided 10 tips that can help you save fuel – following 95 petrol prices reaching R19.54 per litre at the start of November.

“The importance of keeping fuel consumption in mind whenever you drive is essential,” said MasterDrive.

10 tips

MasterDrive provided 10 tips which can help motorists reduce their fuel usage, below.


Ensure your vehicle’s maintenance is up to date. Not replacing certain parts in your car can considerably affect fuel consumption.

Following distance

Maintaining an adequate following distance and watching 12 seconds ahead helps save fuel as you have more time to react to traffic.

You can then slow down and potentially avoid coming to a complete stop.


Keeping your revs between 2,500rpm and 3,500rpm can reduce your petrol consumption by up to 20%. In diesel vehicles, the rpm can be as low as 2,000.


Something else that can contribute to a 20% reduction in fuel usage is keeping your speed low.

Travelling at a reduced speed, where suitable, has shown to play a role in reducing fuel consumption.


Avoid driving aggressively.


Using your aircon judiciously and making sure that open windows do not add to increased wind resistance will help you reduce fuel usage.


Plan your routes, as fuel can be wasted by not making your route as efficient as possible.


Avoid driving with unnecessary items in your car that add to the weight of the vehicle, and require more fuel to be used to.


Avoid idling for longer than 30 seconds.


Ensure your tyres are properly inflated, as under-inflated tyres increase fuel consumption.



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