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Wednesday / 17 August 2022
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Electric Toyota bZ4X not confirmed for South Africa

Toyota South Africa has told TopAuto that the recently-unveiled electric bZ4X SUV “has not been confirmed for local introduction”.

“While the model is definitely on our ‘wish list’, for now, Toyota South Africa Motors is concentrating on increasing the penetration of hybrid models by expanding the availability of hybrid variants across our model range,” said the company.

“We believe that the hybrid models serve as the perfect NEV (New Energy Vehicle) bridging strategy, as there is no infrastructure requirement and the technology is self-sustaining.”

The Toyota bZ4X BEV (Battery Electric Vehicle) is scheduled for launch internationally “from mid-2022”.

Toyota bZ4X BEV specs

The Toyota bZ4X BEV is said to provide smooth, intuitive driving performance both on and off-road – with this all-electric SUV rivalling the abilities of its petrol-powered counterparts, said Toyota.

It is built on a BEV-dedicated platform that was jointly developed by Subaru, with a thin, high-capacity battery pack fitted beneath the floor.

Toyota said it is aiming for a maximum driving range of 500km per charge, while also targeting a battery capacity retention ratio of 90% after 10 years or 240,000km.

A 150kW DC quick-charging plug then lets the Toyota charge to 80% in 30 minutes.

The bZ4X’s electricity-supply unit further incorporates the charging and power distribution functions; and features an E-axle, motor, transaxle, and inverter – which is a first for the company.

These elements work alongside the rigid body to ensure an agile response, sense of linear acceleration, high-precision output control, and improved turning and stability, said Toyota.

Subaru’s X-Mode all-wheel-drive programme and Toyota’s Safety Sense driver-assist system are included, too.

Inside the cabin, the bZ4X’s “activity hub” sports an infotainment system with cloud-based navigation and traffic information, BEV-specialised services, over-the-air software updates, voice recognition for features such as the wipers and aircon, and a digital key.


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