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Wednesday / 29 June 2022
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5 things I love about the new Ford Ranger

Ford unveiled its next-gen Ranger to the world on 24 November, showing us what’s to come in 2022.

The South African order book for this new Ford will open in the second quarter of next year, the company told TopAuto, with the bakkie touching down on the roads a few months thereafter.

Below, I list my five favourite things about the the next-gen Ford Ranger.


The next-gen Ford Ranger will be available with a range of engines – including a 3.0-litre, V6 – but there were no hybrid or electric options announced.

This does not mean the Ranger will never have one of these powertrains, however.

The next-gen bakkie features a “hydro-formed front-end structure” that is future-proofed to support other technologies, said Ford.

This front end also allows more airflow for the new-generation engines to operate at a lower temperature than in the current Ranger.

Furthermore, Motor1 reported on spy shots of a hybrid Ranger prototype and stated that Ford promised all of the manufacturer’s vehicles in Europe will have a hybrid counterpart on offer by 2024.

This makes it likely that a hybrid Ranger will eventually be built, although we don’t yet know which powertrain options will be available in South Africa.

Four-wheel drive all the time

The next-gen Ranger, from what we’ve heard so far, will only be offered with two four-wheel-drive configurations.

The cheaper specifications will presumably be fitted with the electronic “shift-on-the-fly” configuration that drives the rear wheels only until four-wheel drive is needed.

The more expensive variants are expected to feature the permanent four-wheel-drive setup with “set-and-forget” mode.

These standard four-wheel-drive systems bring added peace of mind, while simultaneously making every next-gen Ranger more capable and versatile.

It’s the small things

Ford paid close attention to how Ranger owners use their bakkies in an effort to make even the smallest things easier and more enjoyable.

Based on customer feedback, the company kept the new Ranger’s e-gear lever low and linear – as customers enjoy driving with their hands resting on this area, it said.

Additionally, Ford saw that many bakkie owners use the tyre or tailgate as support when trying to reach or get into the rear load box.

The company, therefore, designed a new wraparound rear bumper with integrated side steps for owners to have solid and secure footing when climbing over the edge of the box without needing to pull on the tailgate.

Let there be light

A standout new feature in the next-gen Ranger is the exterior zone lighting system.

The models with this system feature powerful lights under the wing mirrors that work in conjunction with the front and rear LED lamps to provide an area of light around the bakkie.

The system can be controlled either through the central touch screen or the FordPass Connect App on your phone.

This means that Ranger owners do not have to “work, camp, or do anything in the dark.”

Aftermarket accessories

Ford is working to provide up to 600 factory-backed work, urban, and adventure accessories for the next-gen Ranger.

Among these are off-road-focused options that Ford developed in partnership with accessory company ARB.

This proactive approach has the potential to make the Ranger feel at home in every condition – from the harsh wilderness to a busy construction site.

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