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Friday / 27 May 2022
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The most popular optional extra on the VW Golf GTI

The panoramic sunroof is the most popular optional extra purchased for the VW Golf GTI, according to VW South Africa.

In fact, the “tilting and sliding panoramic sunroof” was the most popular extra for VW customers in 2021.

“Of the 55,737 Volkswagen cars – including Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles – sold in the first 10 months of 2021, the majority of them were sold with the tilting and sliding panoramic sunroof,” said VW.

“The panoramic sunroof is especially popular in the Polo GTI and Golf GTI model ranges, which have seen 90% of all of these vehicles being sold with this optional feature.”

In the Golf 8 GTI, the panoramic sunroof sells for R15,000.

Steffen Knapp, head of the Volkswagen Passenger Car brand, said the only reason they do not have 100% sunroof uptake in the GTI models is “due to the fact that some of our corporate customers do not opt for the panoramic sunroof for their fleets”.

VW added that the panoramic sunroof is a standard feature in the Golf R and Touareg.

“The panoramic sunroof was also the most selected optional feature in the Tiguan model range. In the outgoing Caddy model range… only the fixed sunroof is available and this was the most popular optional feature in 2021.”

Parking sensors

Other popular optional extras from VW included Park Assist with a rear view camera.

This was the most popular extra in the T-Cross and the T-Roc model ranges.

The Park package for the T-Cross – which includes park assist, a rear view camera, and power-adjustable mirrors – sells for R9,900.

In the Touareg, the Advanced Safety Package was the most selected optional feature in 2021.

“Due to the utilitarian nature of the Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles and particularly the Amarok, the best-selling optional feature was the heavy duty suspension and tow bar, which enhances durability and practicality,” said VW.

The exterior Black Style Package has also proven popular in the country this year.

This option was first introduced in 2019 – and 47% and 30% of all Touaregs and Tiguans, respectively, were fitted with this styling package in 2021.


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