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Thursday / 23 September 2021
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McLaren Sabre – The top-secret 600kW supercar

The McLaren Special Operations (MSO) division recently went to work on a mashup between what seems to be a 720s, a Speedtail, and a Senna – and what came out on the other side is the Sabre.

The McLaren Sabre is a 614kW supercar from the British brand which packs a V8 engine and will only be available in the USA.

This is due to regulations in other markets which hindered the car from being made available there.

What these regulations were and what they meant for the Sabre is unclear, but we can draw the assumption that the car would’ve been much more tame had it been built for a global marketplace.

Only 15

They have foregone the option of putting the Sabre into their “Ultimate” range – which includes the Speedtail and Elva – and have made it an extremely limited standalone model.

In fact, only 15 will be made.

Every vehicle that rolled of the production line was individually personalised by its owner long before they even saw the light of day, and if this wasn’t enough, the owners also had a chance to work with the company on the production and development of their supercar.

A prototype vehicle was delivered to each owner during the production process so that they could test it out and make sure they liked what they had spent their money on.

And after this round of customer involvement, another day came near the end of 2020 where all 15 buyers of the Sabre were flown to a McLaren test track to have one last ride in the final prototype before taking delivery of their own cars.

Naturally, all the Sabres were sold before the first piece of carbon was moulded – and McLaren has never revealed pricing details for the car.

Sticking to that theme, the exclusive group of Sabre owners have also been kept a secret and were given the choice as to whether they would like the car shown to the public.

Luckily for us, one of them decided to show the world their orange and white Sabre – which has been doing the media rounds.

Due to the secrecy, however, we have little information about this car and what it can actually do.

What we do know is the new supercar is the most powerful non-hybrid production McLaren yet.

It has a twin-turbo 4.0-litre V8 engine, with output bumped up to 614kW and 800Nm of torque.

Top speed is then a staggering 351km/h.

Deliveries of the eye-catching vehicle started – as far as we know – in late December 2020, and the first unveiling of the Sabre happened at the McLaren Beverly Hills dealership rather than at the company’s headquarters.

I doubt we will be seeing any of these cars on our roads any time soon.

McLaren Sabre – Photos

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