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Wednesday / 8 December 2021
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The prices of popular South African cars in their home countries

How much does a Ford Ranger cost in the USA?

What about a Toyota Corolla in Japan?

To see how much South Africa’s favourite cars sell for in their home markets, we compiled the analysis below.


The Ford Motor Company hails from the USA and was founded in 1903.

Currently in the US market, the brand has a multitude of vehicles on offer – with the Ford Ranger seen as the entry-level and smallest bakkie in their line-up.

The cheapest Ford Ranger in the region is the XL Super cab, which is then compared to our cheapest super cab Ranger.

Along with this, the iconic Mustang has also been thrown into the mix.

Ford Ranger Super Cab

  • US price = $24,820
  • Converted price = R368,196
  • South Africa price = R395,000

Ford Mustang

  • US price = $26,670
  • Converted price = R395,640
  • South Africa price = R859,100


Hyundai is a company based in South Korea and was founded in 1967.

For our comparison we are using two SUVs in the forms of the Venue – a new entry-level SUV that is very popular on local roads – and the Tucson – an SUV that has been available in South Africa for over 10 years.

Hyundai Venue

  • South Korea price = ₩16,620,000
  • Converted price = R224,040
  • South Africa price = R297,500

Hyundai Tucson

  • South Korea price = ₩24,350,000
  • Converted price = R328,242
  • South Africa price = R470,900


Initially known as Datsun, Nissan was founded in 1933 in Japan.

Known locally for their popular SUVs and entry-level hatchbacks, it would only be right to compare them with what they have on offer in Japan.

For the comparison the popular X-Trail SUV was chosen, along with the “March” – better known in South Africa as the Nissan Micra Active.

Nissan March/Micra Active

  • Japan price = ¥1,289,200
  • Converted price = R184,896
  • South Africa price = R190,700

Nissan X-Trail

  • Japan price = ¥2,482,700
  • Converted price = R356,066
  • South Africa price = R433,500


Another company hailing from Japan, Toyota was founded in 1937.

Two of its best-known models are the Corolla and the Hilux, both of which will be listed here.

There is no option for a single-cab or super-cab Hilux in Japan, so to keep things fair, the starting price of the local double-cab Hilux has been taken.

Toyota Corolla

  • Japan price = ¥1,936,000
  • Converted price = R277,659
  • South Africa price = R387,800

Toyota Hilux Double Cab

  • Japan price = ¥3,471,000
  • Converted price = R497,807
  • South Africa price = R449,200


Volkswagen is based in German and was founded in 1937.

The two models we will compare today are the VW Polo and VW Tiguan.

Volkswagen Polo

  • Germany price = €15,530
  • Converted price = R279,577
  • South Africa price = R287,500

Volkswagen Tiguan

  • Germany price = €28,935
  • Converted price = R520,900
  • South Africa price = R513,500

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