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How much it costs to drive through every toll gate in South Africa

If you were to drive through all 74 toll gates in South Africa in March 2022, on-ramps and off-ramps included, it would cost you R2,258.70.

If you were to take this same trip a month before, you would have paid R2,162.

This R96.70 (4.5%) increase means that each toll gate in the country has gotten R1.31 more expensive on average, due to the annual toll price hike by the South African National Roads Agency (Sanral).

It must be noted that this calculation does not include electronic tolls (e-tolls).


According to Vusi Mona, Sanral general manager of communications, toll fees are adjusted every year to fall in line with inflation.

The inflation percentage that was applied to determine the new tariffs for 2022 was 5%.

Mona added that tolls are implemented in South Africa to maintain, operate, and improve roads, as well as to service debt incurred through previous toll road projects.

Toll fees also enable Sanral to:

  • Cut grass
  • Repair potholes
  • Seal surface cracks
  • Clean stormwater drains
  • Maintain road signs and markings
  • Add additional lanes when required
  • Resurface the road on a periodic basis
  • Respond to crashes and clean up debris

“The funds go a long way to ensuring that the roads agency fulfils its mandate of delivering quality road infrastructure that adds value to South African citizens,” said Mona.

Popular routes

The 2022 toll fees for popular routes in South Africa in a standard “Class 1 light vehicle” such as a VW Polo are as follows from March 2022.

Cape Town to Durban – R93

  • Oribi – R33.50
  • Tsitsikamma – R59.50

Cape Town to Gqeberha – R59.50

  • Tsitsikamma – R59.50

Johannesburg to Bloemfontein – R161

  • Grasmere – R22.50
  • Vaal – R74.50
  • Verkeerdevlei – R64.00

Johannesburg to Cape Town – R205.50

  • Grasmere – R22.50
  • Vaal – R74.50
  • Verkeerdevlei – R64.00
  • Huguenot – R44.50

Johannesburg to Durban – R286.50

  • De Hoek – R56.00
  • Wilge – R77.00
  • Tugela – R82.00
  • Mooi – R58.00
  • Marianhill – R13.50

Johannesburg to Beitbridge via Polokwane – R293.50

  • Baobab – R50.50
  • Capricorn – R52.00
  • Nyl – R65.00
  • Kranskop – R50.50
  • Carousel – R62.00
  • Pumulani – R13.50


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