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Sunday / 26 June 2022
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The most popular VW cars in South Africa

Naamsa’s new vehicle sales report for February 2022 shows that the VW Polo continues to dominate in South Africa.

This is true for all versions of the model, with the Polo, Polo Sedan, and Polo Vivo all achieving strong sales numbers last month.

The Polo was closely followed by the T-Cross, which has quickly become a favourite among local drivers since its launch in late 2019.

Other models which sold well in February were the Golf 8 GTI and the T-Roc – both of which are aimed at a higher-end buyer than above-mentioned siblings – and the local favourite, the VW Kombi.

The Amarok, Caddy, Tiguan, and Touareg also put in an appearance during the period.

Most Popular VWs

The list below details the most popular VW vehicles in South Africa, based on their February 2022 sales performance.

The number of new units sold in February is listed alongside the model name, followed by the starting price for the most affordable option in each range.

VW Polo Vivo – 1,634

  • Starting Price: R232,500

VW Polo – 1,186

  • Starting Price: R311,800

VW T-Cross – 990

  • Starting Price: R365,100

VW Polo Sedan – 818

  • Starting Price: R262,700

VW T-Roc – 265

  • Starting Price: R518,600

VW Amarok – 159

  • Starting Price: R751,400

VW Caddy – 145

  • Starting Price: R404,000

VW Kombi – 130

  • Starting Price: R771,100

VW Tiguan – 98

  • Starting Price: R541,800

VW Golf 8 GTI – 72

  • Starting Price: R682,700

VW Caravelle – 46

  • Starting Price: R1,255,900

VW Transporter – 37

  • Starting Price: R448,000

VW Touareg – 5

  • Starting Price: R1,279,700

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