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Friday / 12 August 2022
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How Toyota’s electric cars could power a home during blackouts

Toyota has developed a new battery storage system, based on the technology from its electric cars, which can feed power into a home either through solar panels or through leftover charge in an electric car.

The storage system, dubbed the “O-Uchi Kyuden System,” is designed to provide electricity to homes, both for normal use and as a backup source of power in case of emergencies.

How it works

The Kyuden system consists of four components: a hybrid power conditioner, a DC converter, a storage battery unit, and a vehicle power supply adapter,

It uses the same technology developed for Toyota’s car batteries, including a control system designed to provide a rated capacity of 8.7kWh and a rated output of 5.5kWh.

“[The device] ensures safety and provides a supply of electricity to the entire home not just in normal situations, but even during power outages caused by natural disasters,” said Toyota.

Additionally, Kyuden can link with a photovoltaic system to supply the appropriate amount of electricity needed by the consumer throughout the day and night.

Toyota’s belief is that this will encourage further adoption of solar panels in private homes.

Furthermore, the vehicle adapter allows the Kyuden System to supply power taken from electrified vehicles, including mild hybrids, plug-in hybrids, and fully electric vehicles, at 100V AC.

This lets the system use the electricity stored in an electrified vehicle as an additional backup power source during power outages.

The device also includes a wireless LAN router, which allows it to be operated from a dedicated app on a smartphone or tablet.

The batteries were developed on the concept of “safe, long service life, high-quality, good value for price, and high performance so that customers can use them with peace of mind,” said the Japanese automaker.

The O-Uchi Kyuden System is currently only available in Japan, where pre-orders for the device have begun and physical sales for the unit are expected to begin in August for both private and commercial use.

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