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Friday / 12 August 2022
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Where South Africans travelled over Easter weekend

South Africans travelled almost 100 million kilometres in passenger cars over Easter 2022, 25% down on Easter 2021.

Recent data from Lightstone shows that most local motorists kept within the bounds of their own provinces driving an average of just 16km per vehicle per trip

Gauteng was the province with the most kilometres travelled, followed by KwaZulu-Natal (KZN), Limpopo, and the Western Cape.

However, the Free State received the biggest inflow of domestic tourists, with Mpumalanga and Limpopo virtually tied for second, and the Northern Cape in third.

While all provinces suffered traffic inflow losses when compared to 2019, only KZN, Gauteng, and the Free State ended up with a nett deficit of total kilometres travelled within their borders.

KZN also lost the most kilometres travelled overall, which Lightstone attributes to the recent floodings, whereas the Western Cape experienced the highest inflow losses.

Traffic in 2022

What’s even more surprising about 2022’s Easter period is that the aggregate weekend traffic, which was recorded from the public holiday on Thursday, was 33% down on the total kilometres travelled over the comparable periods in February and March of this year.

The proportion of travel within a home province increased significantly, said Lightstone, “suggesting that the majority of people opted for a quiet Easter weekend at home.”

In comparison, roughly a third of the Easter weekend kilometres in 2019 were out of home provinces, and this fell to just 20% in 2022.

“Easter traffic (where we consider Thursday as part of the long weekend to capture the pre-weekend exodus) for 2021 jumped 34% over Easter 2019 after the fun-starved, hard lockdown of Easter 2020,” said the company.

In 2022, however, traffic slowed down significantly and was a mere 4% above pre-pandemic Easter of 2019.

“Assessing traffic data is a great way to understand how well provinces are attracting local tourists and, perhaps more importantly, the overall sentiment of the average South African consumer,” said Lightstone.

This year’s data reveals a considerable decrease in traffic, which potentially points to “lower consumer interest in spending time away from home and, more importantly, spending money unnecessarily,” said Lightstone.


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