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Friday / 12 August 2022
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Next-generation BMW M2 – Everything we know

BMW has started teasing its next-gen M2 Coupe showing off almost every inch of the vehicle a few months ahead of its global debut.

The German manufacturer got ahead of the rumours and spy shots by revealing extensive footage of both the in and outside of its new entry-level M car while wrapped in a thin layer of camouflage.

The hardcore Coupe will take the torch from the M240i xDrive to become the new halo model of the latest 2 Series, offering the most performance-focused drive, aggressive look, and extensive equipment available in the lineup.

Everything we know

The new M2 is currently in its final testing phase before coming to market, honing its racetrack abilities through intensive sessions around Austria’s Salzburgring.

The next-generation model offers “outstanding characteristics” akin to the M2 CS, said BMW, the latter of which was the final, most exclusive, and most powerful iteration of the previous-generation 2 Series.

As such, the new sports car “allows the driver to experience that pure racetrack feeling in any conditions – even at the limit,” said the manufacturer.

We also know the new two-door will be powered by the same tried-and-tested 3.0-litre, six-cylinder, turbocharged motors as in the larger M3 and M4, connected to the buyer’s choice between a six-speed manual or eight-speed M Steptronic transmission.

Although BMW has not confirmed what this drivetrain will generate in the new M2, it will likely be between 302-375kW and 550-650Nm as this will put it above the previous model but still below the larger M cars.

Based on preliminary combined fuel consumption figures, the M2 will also sip petrol at a combined rate of 10.0l/100km.

Moreover, it is expected to be available in both rear-wheel and all-wheel-drive configurations, and we won’t be surprised to see both being sold in South Africa.

However, if Standard and Competition variants are to be made the most likely offering in South Africa will be the latter – similar to every other coupe, sedan, and SUV sold under the M umbrella in the local market.

For its styling, the new M2 is a big departure from the generation it is replacing, and from the early teasers it seems this range-topping BMW will see horizontal slats in its kidney grille instead of the vertical struts found on the standard models.

Judging from the camouflaged photos it will also have square and more muscular air vents at the front as opposed to the triangular fixtures on the M240i.

At the rear, a new lip spoiler makes itself visible although it doesn’t look much larger than before, and the four circular exhaust outlets are carried over from the old M2.

Around the body, the pronounced bumpers and side sills, wider wheel arches, and redesigned alloy wheels lend the new flagship 2 Series a decidedly angry look and this should serve to give it the same commanding presence as that of the previous generation.

Not much can be seen inside the heavily-concealed cabin of the new BMW, which largely takes on the appearance of the standard models.

However, unlike its siblings, the upcoming M2 gets a curved infotainment system that accommodates both the digital driver’s display as well as the infotainment panel under a single housing, as opposed to the rest of the range that still has two separate screens.

The newcomer will also run the latest iDrive 8 operating system with M-specific software features which further sets this athletic model apart from the rest of the range, as well as offer advanced driver assistance such as lane-departure warnings and brake assist.

Additionally, a selection of gorgeous M Sport seats will be available for the M2 and it will offer multiple drive modes, the newest of which is Track mode that turns off all assistance systems allowing you to set the best times possible around your favoured racetrack.


The new BMW M2 Coupe will be revealed to the world in its entirety in October 2022.

The first markets will start to receive their units come April of next year, said the automaker.

Next-generation BMW M2



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