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Wednesday / 8 December 2021
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Creative car adverts from the 1990s

30 years ago, many auto companies were still trying to establish themselves in the South African market.

This led to an array of advertising campaigns which pictured their vehicles, or at least parts of them, in funny or precarious situations – along with a tagline.

Rockets were shown next to a VW Fox in order to create the perception of speed.

Mazda stated that their Astina beat the Ferrari F355 as the world’s most beautiful car.

Chrysler edited a Harley-Davidson motorcycle into a minivan to show the amount of space that it had.

Banks even had a go, creatively selling their car insurance to magazine readers.

To see what car adverts looked like in the 1990s, we went through a pile of old car magazines and documented the standout placements – shown below.

BMW Airbags

Fiat Ulysse

Gud Oil Filters

Land Rover


Mercantile Bank

Nissan Patrol



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