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Saturday / 2 July 2022
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What I love about my Subaru Forester

The Subaru Forester is the perfect car for adventurous travellers, and is why TopAuto reader Marius recently bought one.

Speaking to TopAuto about his decision, he said he got his Subaru Forester during the lockdown in 2020 – and was able to negotiate a great price.

We spoke to Marius about his purchase and asked him what it’s like to own and drive the car.

What year and model do you own?

I own a 2020 Subaru Forester 2.0i-S ES CVT (aka Wouter).

When did you get the car, and was it new or second-hand when you bought it?

I bought a demo model from a dealership in July 2020. I was able to get a good deal, since car sales took a big hit during the lockdown.

What are your three favourite things about the car?

I love the safety features on the car, which includes pre-collision braking, auto-reverse braking, and almost full marks in safety ratings.

In my previous car, I installed a nudge bar to prevent extensive damage when myself or my wife bumped into things. I have complete trust in my Forester’s ability to negate this risk.

The eyesight system, however, is by far my favourite feature in the Forester.

The system monitors the road ahead and warns me if I’m swaying out of my lane, a sudden obstacle appears, or if the car ahead of me quickly slows down.

The eyesight system also works with the adaptive cruise control to automatically accelerate and slow down based on the speed of the car ahead of me.

This is a game-changer in stop-and-go traffic conditions or on an open highway.

The Forester loves getting on a dirt road, too. I often get off the tarmac when going on trips and it is a pure joy getting the tyres dirty in the Forester.

It can handle tough conditions and still provides a very comfortable off-road experience.

Which three things do you like least about the car?

The engine lacks a bit of power. Subaru recently launched the 2.5-litre engine version in South Africa and I would’ve opted for that option if it was available when I bought my car.

Filling up is also chore.

My previous car was a 1.5-litre diesel with fantastic fuel economy, which I only had to fill up every few weeks. A stop at the fuel station is now part of my weekly routine.

The safety features can also be annoying.

The pre-collision, auto-braking, lane-sway, and reverse camera warnings scream at you every time it detects any danger – even if you are totally aware of your surroundings.

It gives you a fright and takes some time getting used to. It is possible to turn the warnings off, but you’d really want them on when you need them.

What is it like to drive your car every day?

I love driving my car to work and going on weekend trips.

The interior is stacked with entertainment and comfort features that make hours on the road comfortable and enjoyable.

What is the hardest journey you have done with your car?

I drove through muddy and rocky terrain on a trip the weekend after I got my car. I was still protective of the shiny paint and polished tyres.

Luckily, the Forester lived up to my expectations and had no problem navigating the obstacles.

Would you recommend your car to friends and family?

I would recommend the Forester to adventurous travellers who like long trips and dirt roads.

The Forester has excellent features for city driving, but it deserves to get its wheels dirty.

Subaru owners are often said to be loyal to the brand. It is no surprise that I’ve joined the club after owning a Subaru for a couple of months.

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