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Tuesday / 28 June 2022
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Why this owner would not recommend a Peugeot 308

TopAuto reader Bradley has owned a Peugeot 308 for almost two years, and unfortunately would not recommend the car to his family or friends.

After having purchased the car second-hand, it has not exactly been smooth sailing.

Bradley shared his ownership experience with TopAuto, below.

Which model and year car do you own?

A 2011 Peugeot 308.

When did you get the car, and was it new or second-hand when you bought it?

I bought the car through a private sale, which I saw advertised on Gumtree, in 2019.

The car was was second-hand when I bought it.

What are your three favourite things about the car?

It offers surprisingly good performance for the price I paid, especially when you compare it to cars which were in the same price range at the time.

It also offers a good hatchback driving experience. By that I mean it is easier to park and maneuver in the city, while still feeling spacious and having a large boot.

It is not a particularly common car, either, and it has a unique look. This makes it easy to find in parking lots.

Which three things do you like least about the car?

A lack of reliability is the biggest problem.

I have owned the car for about two years and have already taken it in to be fixed multiple times.

This has cost me tens of thousands of rand, and keep in mind I bought the car second-hand for under R100,000.

Unnecessary quirks are another issue, and the steering wheel remains stiff when I am leaving for work or leaving a parking spot.

Music options are limited, too. It has a radio and you can add CDs, but there are no options for Bluetooth or aux connections to my devices.

What is it like to drive your car every day?

I don’t drive very far every day, and have no complaints about the drive – when the car is working.

What is the hardest journey you have done with your car?

I have not travelled outside of Gauteng in this car, although I have had to drive the car back to my house after it suffered a mechanical issue.

This was the most challenging trip to date.

Would you recommend your car to friends and family?

No. It is too unreliable and has cost me too much in terms of repairs.

Don’t buy this car, unless it is from me to get it off my hands.

The headline image of this article was taken by Bradley the same week he submitted his feedback to TopAuto.

His Peugeot 308 needed an engine bracket to be changed, and he kindly supplied us with the image of his car being worked on.


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