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Thursday / 20 June 2024
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Chinese electric car exports more than doubled in 2022

Exports of electric vehicles from China more than doubled in November, creating a monthly record, mostly fueled by European carmakers that farmed out the production to the country.

Car manufacturers in China exported $3.2 billion (R54 billion) worth of electric vehicles in November, up 165% from a year ago to reach the highest-ever monthly total, data from the nation’s customs authority showed.

European countries like Belgium and England were the biggest importers, taking up nearly 70% of the shipments.

Exports of electric passenger vehicles accounted for more than half of the total car shipments for two months in a row, with November registering a record high of $6 billion (R100 billion) in exports.

The numbers come at a time when European carmakers, including Volkswagen and BMW aim to make parts and cars inside China due to limited production capacity at their home markets.

SAIC Motor, the Chinese owner of the British brand MG Motors, has also expanded its distribution network to sell electric vehicles in Europe through imports.

Tesla shipped more than 37,000 cars from China last month, after exporting only 60 in March and none in April, when it halted assembly due to the lockdown in Shanghai.


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