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Friday / 14 June 2024
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Best-selling BMWs in South Africa

BMW’s best-selling model in South Africa is currently the X3 SUV, with 395 units rolling through dealership doors in December 2022, according to Naamsa’s latest new-vehicle sales report.

A total of 1,748 examples of the locally-built X3 were also exported, these being bound for over 30 international markets as well as 16 African countries.

The premium German manufacturer only reports its sales figures once every quarter, revealing interesting insights into its local operations.

Best-selling BMWs

BMW and its sub-brand Mini achieved a combined 1,248 sales in the local market in the final month of 2022, earning the group the 13th spot for best-selling car brand in the country out of over 35 contenders.

Among the 22 models on offer between the two badges, the top 10 performers were:

With the rising favour of the SUV body style, it could almost have been expected that four of these vehicles, along with a crossover-style Mini, are collectively occupying half the top 10 best-selling spots for the group’s vehicles in December.

Perhaps more interesting is the fact that the four-door 3 Series as well as the 2 Series, which can be had with two or four doors, are the second and third-most-popular choices for local BMW customers, despite these low-riding autos losing some of their shine in the eyes of car buyers in recent years.

The two most affordable model ranges between the brands, the BMW 1 Series and Mini Hatch 3-door, are also found on the list, but even with their relatively low asking prices, they are surprisingly not in the top five, placing seventh and ninth respectively with just over 100 units moved between them.

Electric uptake

Considering the high-end status of the BMW Group’s electric offerings, these vehicles also performed relatively well in December.

The sales figures for BMW’s i-badged autos were reported as follows:

The rankings on the electric side of things look quite similar to that of the rest of the family, with first place, again, held by a large SUV, the iX, and second place by a sedan, the i7.

Not only is the iX the current best seller, it was also the first next-generation battery-powered BMW to be launched on the local market, all the way back in November 2021, and the first units bound for our roads were sold out in a few short weeks at a starting price of R1,650,000 at the time.

The i7, on the other hand, is far and away the most luxurious vehicle this carmaker builds, recently launched as the flagship model in the new 7 Series familyThe entire 7 Series line-up sold 35 units in December, meaning the battery-electric model at a formidable starting price of R2,825,000 still grabbed a respectable 17% share.

Another interesting observation is that stock for the i3 is still being run out with one example finding a new owner in the final month of 2022, as production of the battery-electric hatch ceased around halfway through last year following 250,000 units rolling off the line over its eight-and-a-half years on sale.

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