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Saturday / 2 July 2022
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What the colour of your car means for its resale value

A big concern for people wanting to buy a new car is what the resale value will be when they eventually want to sell it.

Resale value is determined by many factors. For example: the make and model of the vehicle.

However, there is another factor which is not always considered by car buyers: colour. 

To find out how colour affects a car’s resale value, TopAuto spoke to WeBuyCars for more insight on the matter.

Does the colour make sense

TopAuto first asked WeBuyCars if there will be a significant impact on the resale value of a car if its colour is not common in the market.

“It really depends. It depends on whether the colour makes sense for that make and model,” said WeBuy Cars.

They noted that strange colours – such as pink, yellow, or purple – usually affect the value of your car negatively, but that there are exceptions to the rule.

“A yellow sports car like a Ferrari or Lamborghini is definitely better than the more neutral colors like white. So it’s really brand specific.”

When a more common vehicle reaches its showroom, however, less-common colours tend not to be as expensive as their more generic counterparts.

“When a Toyota Fortuner or a Hilux are red or black, there will be a decrease in value, but that’s a small difference.”

“There are other more important factors that affect the price, such as the total kilometers, the service history, and the condition.”

“However one must always remember, if someone buys a car in a strange colour, there is a good chance that someone has the same mindset as the previous owner and will most likely buy that car.”



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