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Wednesday / 17 April 2024
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Most affordable hybrid from every brand in South Africa – Power and fuel efficiency

The main goal of a hybrid – besides helping the environment – is to cut down on those pesky trips to the petrol pumps and hopefully save you cash in the process.

Those looking to dip their toes into the new-energy technology have plenty to choose from in South Africa market with prices stretching from a low of R486,100 for the country’s most popular hybrid, the Toyota Corolla Cross, up to R12.8 million for the priciest model, the new Lamborghini Revuelto.

There are primarily three different types of hybrids on the market so it’s worth knowing the key differences between them if you’re shopping for one.

At the more affordable end of the price spectrum you’ll usually find what is called a “mild hybrid” (MHEV). In the majority of cases, this sees a small 12-48V battery and starter generator paired with an internal combustion engine (ICE) to aid in acceleration performance and cut fuel usage.

However, you usually can’t drive on electricity alone with an MHEV setup as it isn’t directly connected to the wheels.

Next in line is a traditional hybrid (HEV) which sees a small electric motor thrown into the mix and is a step up from the MHEV in terms of battery capacity.

An HEV can generally drive a vehicle on battery power at low speeds and for a handful of kilometres, but still requires an ICE to keep up with the flow of traffic and get you from point A to B.

An HEV can’t be charged via a cable and makes use of features such as regenerative braking and the petrol mill to keep its battery filled.

The priciest and most capable hybrid setup is a plug-in hybrid (PHEV).

A PHEV incorporates a larger e-motor and battery pack than what is found in an HEV which together are capable of driving a vehicle at freeway speeds and for respectable distances – usually upwards of 40km at a maximum of 140km/h, and in some cases, even over 100km.

As the name suggests, a PHEV can be plugged into a wall to charge just like a pure-electric car, but like an HEV, its fossil-fuel-powered engine can also be employed to pump juice back into the battery.

South Africa’s wallet-friendly hybrids

The most affordable hybrid cars from every brand that sells one in South Africa are ranked below.

Click on the underlined prices for more information.

Toyota Corolla Cross 1.8 Hybrid XS – R486,100

  • Power – 90kW/142+eNm
  • Fuel consumption – 4.3l/100km

Suzuki Grand Vitara 1.5 Hybrid GLX AllGrip – R542,900

  • Power – 76kW/137Nm
  • Fuel consumption – 5.6l/100km

Honda Fit 1.5 Hybrid e.HEV – R544,900

  • Power – 90kW/253Nm
  • Fuel consumption – 3.7l/100km

Haval Jolion 1.5 HEV Luxury – R549,950

  • Power – 140kW/375Nm
  • Fuel consumption – 5.0l/100km

Proton X90 1.5T Standard – R559,900

  • Power – 140kW/255Nm
  • Fuel consumption – 6.8l/100km

Alfa Romeo Tonale 1.5T Hybrid Ti – R787,900

  • Power – 118kW/240Nm
  • Fuel consumption – 5.7l/100km

GWM Tank 300 2.0T HEV Super Luxury 4×4 – R851,950

  • Power – 255kW/648Nm
  • Fuel consumption – 8.4l/100km

Lexus UX 250h EX – R866,500

  • Power – 135kW/188Nm
  • Fuel consumption – 4.5l/100km

Mazda CX-60 3.3D AWD Takumi – R1,049,200

  • Power – 187kW/550Nm
  • Fuel consumption – 4.9l/100km

BMW X1 xDrive30e xLine – R1,050,000

  • Power – 110kW/230Nm
  • Fuel consumption – 1.6l/100km

Volvo XC60 T8 Twin Engine AWD Plus Dark – R1,314,000

  • Power – 340kW/709Nm
  • Fuel consumption – 1.6l/100km

Jaguar E-Pace P300e AWD R-Dynamic SE – R1,613,000

  • Power – 227kW/540Nm
  • Fuel consumption – 2.0l/100km

Range Rover Evoque P300e Dynamic SE – R1,647,900

  • Power – 227kW/540Nm
  • Fuel consumption – 2.0l/100km

Land Rover Discovery Sport P300e Dynamic SE – R1,715,000

  • Power – 227kW/540Nm
  • Fuel consumption – 2.0l/100km

Maserati Grecale GT – R1,990,000

  • Power – 221kW/450Nm
  • Fuel consumption – 9.2l/100km

Porsche Cayenne e-hybrid – R2,194,000

  • Power – 346kW/650Nm
  • Fuel consumption – 2.4l/100km

Mercedes-AMG GT63 S E Performance 4-door Coupe – R4,359,965

  • Power – 470kW/900Nm
  • Fuel consumption – 7.7l/100km

McLaren Artura – Approx. R5,000,000

  • Power – 500kW/720Nm
  • Fuel consumption – 4.6l/100km

Bentley Flying Spur Hybrid – R5,120,000

  • Power – 400kW/750Nm
  • Fuel consumption – 3.2l/100km

Ferrari 296 GTB – R6,804,200

  • Power – 610kW/740Nm
  • Fuel consumption – 6.4l/100km

Lamborghini Revuelto – R12,800,000

  • Power – 747kW/725+eNm
  • Fuel consumption – 10.3l/100km

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