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Saturday / 21 May 2022
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TopAuto gets its own plates

A sure sign that you have become a serious competitor in the automotive news space is when you get your own number plates.

TopAuto recently designed and printed its first set of “review plates”, which will now be used for car review photoshoots at the publication.

“The plates were designed by TopAuto’s in-house design team, and they look great,” said Broad Media MD Kevin Lancaster.

“It’s a great moment for any petrolhead to see your company logo on a number plate, and we know this will make the vehicle reviews we run on TopAuto that much more special.”

Photos of the review plates in action can be seen below.

Get a car reviewed on TopAuto

Following its huge growth in 2021, TopAuto has become a top destination for South Africans who want to find out what the local automotive scene has to offer.

This includes reading reviews about the latest cars, SUVs, bakkies, and more.

TopAuto’s reviews look at the pros a vehicle has to offer, what it’s like to drive, and what it competes against in the local market.

This is complemented by a range of photos of the vehicle and, importantly, how much you will pay to own one.

To find out more about submitting a vehicle for review on TopAuto, you can reach us on the contact details below: