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Friday / 27 May 2022
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TopAuto – 1,800% growth since launch

TopAuto has grown its audience by over 1,800% since its launch at the end of 2020.

In December 2020, TopAuto’s first full month in operation, the automotive news site was visited by 18,000 readers.

In March 2022, just over a year later, TopAuto’s monthly readership hit a record 348,000 South African readers.

This makes TopAuto one of the biggest automotive publications in the country, and one of the fastest growing news websites in South Africa.

High-end readers

TopAuto’s audience consists predominantly of high-LSM readers who are involved in the purchasing decisions their businesses and households make.

In the business space, this is evident when looking at the employment levels of TopAuto’s readers:

  • CEO/Director – 10,637
  • Business Owner – 46,270
  • Senior Management – 38,303
  • Middle Management – 75,904
  • Junior Management – 43,992
  • Self Employed – 28,682

In their households, TopAuto readers are equally influential. Their decision-making roles are:

  • Main Decision Maker – 111,146
  • Joint Decision Maker – 191,658

Of course, these readers are also automotive enthusiasts and car fanatics – and love to read about the latest news in the motoring space.

The news, features, and reviews they receive on TopAuto are complemented by Car Prices and the Driving Cost Calculator.

TopAuto Car Prices is the best place to find new car prices for all models in the country – whether it is an Audi A3 or a Toyota Hilux.

TopAuto’s Driving Cost Calculator then makes it easy to work out how much you will pay in fuel and toll fees to drive between two towns or cities in South Africa in a car of your choice.