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Friday / 27 May 2022
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TopAuto produces great results for its advertising clients

TopAuto has had an excellent start to 2022, with a record number of advertising campaigns being booked on the site.

The increase in the number of campaigns being booked is thanks to the site’s strong audience growth and the great results these campaigns are delivering.

Sponsored articles with social media amplification, site takeovers, and display banners are leading the charge, with campaigns being booked by companies including Toyota, Dunlop, Lexus, Bidvest McCarthy, Tiger Wheel and Tyre, Kia, GameFinity, and more.

Perfect audience

TopAuto is able to produce great results for its advertising clients thanks to its large South African audience.

Over 300,000 readers visit TopAuto each month, the majority of whom are purchasing decision makers and influencers.

These readers are responsible for purchasing decisions where they work and in their homes.

The employment levels for TopAuto’s monthly readership are as follows:

  • CEO/Director – 10,637
  • Business Owner – 46,270
  • Senior Management – 38,303
  • Middle Management – 75,904
  • Junior Management – 43,992

A breakdown of the role these readers play in their homes is shown below.

  • Main Decision Maker – 111,146
  • Joint Decision Maker – 191,658

This makes TopAuto an obvious choice for South African companies looking to advertise online and reach their target market.

Advertise on TopAuto

TopAuto offers a range of excellent advertising options which enable you to reach its influential audience.

TopAuto’s marketing team also takes care of all aspects of an advertising campaign – including executing and managing the booking, and assisting with article writing and banner design if required.

To find out more about advertising on TopAuto, click here.