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Sunday / 26 June 2022
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Discovery Driving Academy review – Fun lessons suitable no matter your driving skills

The Discovery Driving Academy uses simulators to provide important lessons for drivers of any skill ranging from beginner to experienced drivers.

The team recently invited us to visit this facility, and we were very impressed with the entire experience.

The Discovery Driving Academy is located at the company’s Sandton headquarters. The Academy features three hyper-realistic driving simulators and boasts a very knowledgeable instructor.

Anyone can book a session, but all Discovery clients get 25% off the standard fee, while Discovery Insure clients get 50% off.

The academy offers two courses: the Licence Prep Course, and the one I tried out – the Refresher Course.

When I sat down in the simulator, the first thing I noticed was how realistic the entire system was – from the steering wheel to the gearbox.

The simulator has three wide screens that accurately simulate what you would see if you were driving a real car – including all of your mirrors.

I was equally impressed with the realistic software, which accurately simulates a variety of possible driving environments and situations.

This includes different areas – from winding highways to busy downtown areas – as well as other factors like night and heavy rain.

The traffic around you reacts similarly to how real vehicles would, and the system even includes some AI drivers making common mistakes so that you learn how to react in real time.

Great training experience

The experience is improved significantly because there is a knowledgeable instructor who provides pointers.

He explained that my braking technique was not optimal, and at times I was not driving close enough to the road’s middle line to give myself the best angles for turning.

The simulator system also works incredibly well for beginner drivers, as it provides a hyper-realistic driving experience where learners can make mistakes while simultaneously learning from these  without putting other human drivers at risk.

The best strategy for new drivers is therefore to consider combining their traditional driving lessons with sessions at the Discovery Driving Academy.

No matter whether you’re a beginner driver, a parent who wants their child to learn how to drive, or if you want to touch up your own existing driving skills – the Discovery Driving Centre is an amazing experience which is equally fun and educational.

Discovery Drive Centre

After this amazing experience, I was also shown around the Discovery Drive Centre, at 1 Discovery Place, a facility geared towards giving Discovery Insure clients the full service experience of the insurer, and it’s a place where clients can have their Vitality Drive Sensors installed or perform their Annual MultiPoint checks.

The check, for which clients receive monthly Vitality Drive points every month for 12-months once completed and passed, inspects the condition of tyres, lights, windscreen wipers, indicators, hazards, steering, seatbelts, shocks and the hooter. Further, completing the Annual MultiPoint check boosts your fuel cash back.

Discovery’s Vitality Drive programme encourages responsible driving – the better you drive, the larger cash-back you can receive, with a maximum of up to 50% of your fuel spend back every month.

Click here to find your nearest Discovery Drive Centre