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Saturday / 25 June 2022
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A quick way to see an excellent ROI

South African businesses are facing a major challenge in 2022 – they need to optimise their marketing spend so that they can generate more leads and increase their market share.

Digital marketing is the best way to solve this challenge, as it provides superior performance to alternative marketing techniques.

The 2022 Marketing Budget and ROI Report, which was conducted in May 2022, proves this.

It shows that 84% of companies allocate the most marketing budget to digital, and 82% have found that this offers the best ROI.

Additionally, of the South African companies that spend over R1 million per year on marketing, 85% allocate the most marketing budget to digital, while 83% have found that it offers the best ROI.

This is proof that your marketing department should be prioritising digital marketing.


TopAuto offers an extensive range of digital marketing opportunities that will position your business as a leader in the automotive industry.

Its range of digital marketing products includes:

  • Sponsored Articles
  • Site Takeovers
  • Display Banners

If you choose the sponsored article product, your content will also be boosted on social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter to reach an even larger audience.

TopAuto’s marketing team will take care of all aspects of your campaign – including the execution and management of your booking, as well as all campaign reporting.

To learn more about advertising on TopAuto, click here.