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Saturday / 15 June 2024
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How Motus Select promotes its pre-owned car deals to South Africans on TopAuto

TopAuto is South Africa’s leading automotive news website, reaching 1 million readers every month.

This large audience ensures it can offer excellent marketing solutions that guarantee superior performance.

As a result, South Africa’s largest automotive brands turn to TopAuto to advertise their products and services.

For example, Motus Select has recently promoted its pre-owned cars on TopAuto.

Motus Select

TopAuto’s marketing team put together a package that provided Motus Select with the best value for its budget.

This package included the following marketing products:

  • Sponsored Article
  • Category Takeover
  • Custom Poll

Each of these solutions is helping Motus Select achieve a different marketing goal throughout December 2023.

The sponsored article is a great way to give readers all the details they need about Motus Select’s offerings, while the category takeover – which is on TopAuto’s Car Prices Portal – improves brand visibility and helps Motus Select target potential car buyers with concise, eye-catching messaging.

The custom poll is helping Motus Select get feedback from potential customers, and this helps the business make more informed decisions in the future.

TopAuto can also craft a custom marketing package like this for your business – click here to contact the TopAuto marketing team.