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Wednesday / 17 April 2024
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How branding on TopAuto positions your business as an industry leader

Display branding on TopAuto is a great way to promote your brand to a large audience of South African car owners and car buyers.

When you run a display branding campaign on TopAuto, your advertisements are positioned in high-traffic areas of the website.

TopAuto readers then see your branding and marketing message when reading the latest automotive news.

There are three types of display branding for you to choose from on TopAuto:

  • Run-of-site branding – Advertise through banner placements on the TopAuto website, across desktop and mobile.
  • Mobile display branding – Advertise through specific banner placements on the TopAuto website on mobile devices like smartphones.
  • Homepage takeovers – Position your display banners exclusively across the TopAuto homepage.

Whichever option you choose, your branding campaign will reach TopAuto’s audience of 1 million South Africans, including 60,000 readers who earn over R1 million per year, and 260,000 readers who earn over R500,000 per year.

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Our experienced marketing team will handle every aspect of your display branding campaign to provide you with maximum exposure and reach.

This includes banner design, campaign delivery and optimisation, and performance reporting.

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