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Friday / 24 May 2024
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Armoured Toyota Hilux Single Cab now on sale in South Africa – Pricing

Gauteng-based armouring firm SVI Engineering has launched its new Stopgun V2.0 armour package for select variants of the Toyota Hilux Single Cab in South Africa.

Following stringent durability tests, the Stopgun V2.0 kit has gained full approval from Toyota and is now directly available to order from any of the automaker’s nationwide dealerships.

It is available on four derivatives of the bakkie, comprising:

  • Toyota Hilux Single Cab 2.4GD-6 SR – R502,900
  • Toyota Hilux Single Cab 2.4GD-6 4×4 SR – R578,000
  • Toyota Hilux Single Cab 2.4GD-6 Raider – R542,900
  • Toyota Hilux Single Cab 2.4GD-6 4×4 Raider – R623,800

Pricing for the Stopgun V2.0 package starts at R333,753, excluding VAT and the price of the vehicle, and it can be installed in around three weeks at SVI’s factory on the outskirts of Pretoria.

B6 protection

Pitched at the security industry, the new Hilux Stopgun V2.0 provides B6-level coverage that affords protection against assault rifles up to and including the AK47, R1, and R5.

The kit comprises unobtrusive integrated door armour and flat 38mm armoured glass panels in each window frame for easy replacement should they sustain damage. Gunports are included in the windows as standard but can be removed upon request.

Additionally, custom-fabricated steel plates are placed in the roof, front fenders, pillars, part of the firewall, and around critical under-bonnet components such as the battery and ABS unit.

The bakkie’s front suspension and door hinges are also upgraded to accommodate the added weight, and its rear bumper is reinforced as standard.

To be approved by Toyota, the Stopgun V2.0 package was subjected to comprehensive stress tests that included two 8,000km stints on the automaker’s dedicated durability track in KwaZulu-Natal, with each run representing 100,000km of real-world usage.

Afterwards, a full teardown of the vehicle was initiated allowing Toyota’s engineers to inspect the status of all items, while the uprated door hinges and mounting points were put through as many as 20,000 opening-and-closing cycles to ensure they were up to scratch. 

As a result of its satisfactory performance, Toyota’s warranty and service plan remain completely intact on vehicles fitted with the Stopgun V2.0 solution, and they can be fully financed through dealers and registered credit providers.

SVI Toyota Hilux Stopgun V2.0

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