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Tuesday / 28 June 2022
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What R66,000 motorbike wheels have to offer

BST has unveiled the “world’s lightest motorcycle wheel” – called the GP TEK – and launched it to the South African market.

At R66,400 for a set, they cost the same as many motorbikes – but their makers state the performance improvements they provide are well worth the money.

“With a combined mass approaching 3.8kg – depending on fitment – BST is confident the GP TEK will become the wheel set of choice for those who want the ultimate performance upgrade for a hardcore sports bike,” said the company.

It added that the GP TEK is a “thoroughbred competition wheel” and meets or exceeds the specified strength tests laid out by the motorcycle sport controlling bodies FIM and DORNA.

The wheels have also been tested at the local Red Star Raceway, with superbike rider Morne Geldenhuis running the wheels for 50 laps under the supervision of the BST engineering team.

The result was that Geldenhuis lapped two seconds faster per lap than his best time from the previous day, with no changes made to his bike except the addition of the GP TEK wheels.

Designed for superbikes

The GP TEK wheels are designed for modern superbikes, such as the Yamaha R1 which Geldenhuis rides, and the sizes available reflect this.

What makes these wheels stand out is their carbon fibre construction, which provides a light yet highly-rigid structure.

“BST uses a proprietary construction method where a series of internal structures create three-dimensional supports in key areas – the technique is a world first,” said the company.

“Each wheel is handcrafted, with up to 215 machine-cut pieces of carbon fibre, laid up in a predetermined sequence and at a specific orientation.”

“Once a carbon fibre wheel is autoclave-cured, the other hardware is added. The hubs are crafted from 6082 T6 alloy and finished off with T5 titanium fixing and fasteners.”

Gary Turner, the founder of BST, said the GP TEK is the “culmination of what we have strived for since producing our very first full carbon fibre wheel 18 years ago”.

Their goal is to make carbon fibre performance products that are as light and as strong as possible.



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